Our Mission

At Hat Brand Country Meats, we strive to ensure you receive the best quality cuts of Local Texas Beef, Humanely raised and responsibly resourced
We ensure you well receive the best cuts of beef our cattle have to offer.

Colten & AnthonyHat Brand Country Meats

Meet Our Team

Colten Sullivan

Devoted Family Man, 4th Generation Rancher
Colten has lived his life raising livestock.
Most Notably, his name is synonymous with Hat Brand Rodeo, but what is not so known is his deep love and respect for his animals.
He believes in raising cattle, from calf to steer in the optimum environment and responsibly sourcing, to provide consumers the highest quality beef for consumption.

Anthony Thomas

Family Man, Professional Cowboy, quality beef purveyor.
Raised in the bush of Australia to a culinary chef mother and business savvy father, Anthony’s love for nature, animals and quality cuisine came naturally .
Anthony earned an agricultural degree, while pursuing his Rodeo Dreams as a professional cowboy

Whether it’s the marbling and rich flavor of Hat Brand Premium Beef or the tenderness and versatility, the heightened quality only a Hat Brand Premium product delivers is there with every bite.

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